Mountain Biking

Nautilus House has an outdoor wash-down station, and secure storage with basic tools and repair stand.

Mountain biking on Hornby is a popular pastime. If you’re a biker you’ve probably heard of, or experienced our amazing resource already. We boast over 80km of trails, from roadside commuters to flow downhill to breathtaking views.

Special thanks to HIMBA, the Hornby Island Mountain Bike Association, a small but dedicated group of cyclists who years ago took on the role of advocating for, repairing, and building Hornby’s trail network. Their exemplary work continues to make Hornby a preferred mountain biking destination.

Not only are our trails amongst the best maintained, we offer the longest riding season on the coast, often with no winter shut-down period.

Show your support for HIMBA and the trail system by purchasing a map on Hornby for $5. Trail Maps can be purchased at the Co-op Gas Bar and the Bike Shop. You’ll get a much more detailed map, and it’s printed on waterproof paper.

Photos courtesy of HIMBA (